Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to Mirepoix Maven

Hello there!

I started a food blog using the name Cait's Plate awhile back.  A friend of mine helped me pick the name and I thought it sounded great and just went for it - without Googling the name first.  It turns out that there's a restaurant out there some place with the same name.  So, every time I got updates about activity relating to my blog name (other blogger's writing about Cait's Plate) it was almost always in reference to the restaurant.  After awhile it became annoying and I stopped writing.  The problem was that my love of food and wanting to share that love didn't stop.  After some thought and fighting with Blogger to get a new blog name (all the ones I wanted were taken) I settled with Mirepoix Maven.

Mirepoix of course being a very traditional cooking staple and maven referring to being knowledgeable...  To me the name simply means that this space is filled with information about traditional cooking (and food in general).

I'm just getting this new space up and running...  I've actually been so into this new idea and wanting the blog space to look as amazing as the food I make that I've been trying to find my Dreamweaver CS4 book.  I was planning on teaching myself how to build websites awhile back, but never got around to it.  Now that I actually want to work on learning ASAP my book has got legs and ran off on me!

Ideas for this blog so far include posts about meal planning, recipe posts, favorite cookbook posts, wishlist cookbook posts, posts about trips to beloved farmers markets, posts about what's on my table (with yummy pictures), posts about favorite local restaurants, and possibly some on gardening if I get around to starting some vegetable seeds this year (I've got a love for homegrown goodness).  So, please bear with me while I get things up and running...  I'll probably be moving some of my favorite older posts over from Cait's Plate to get the ball rolling.

Oh!  I almost forgot...  I'm also planning a Virtual Recipe Box for this space too!  I already started working on that.  It will be an ever growing list of recipes that I've collected from internet sources with links to where you can find the recipe yourself.  This was inspired by the three-ring binder I have filled with printed pages from internet sites like Food Network, Real Simple, and Everyday Food

Happy cooking,

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